The My Data, Our Health Campaign

The My Data, Our Health campaign is starting a public and political conversation on the following questions.

  • Who determines how our health data is collected, managed, stored and disposed of?
  • What are the limits of this authority?
  • How can we ensure this data is being used for public benefit purposes?
  • How much access and control do and should individuals have over their health data?
  • How can we ensure this ownership and control is respected and protected?

We call for a global health data governance framework to create trust between individuals and organisations that their health data is being used for pubic good. 

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Where’s My Data is a campaign action in which people go to their local health centre and request access to their electronic health records and digital health information. By highlighting individuals’ lived experiences, the campaign puts people in the driving seat when it comes to access and control of their data, and build health systems that are more responsive to their needs. 

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