‘My Data,Our Health’ Youth Ambassadors 2023 – Tanzania 


Where is my Data?

In advocating for a health data governance framework, Imara Leadership Initiative (ILI) Tanzania in partnership with Transform Health aims to engage young people, community members and politicians in the discussion on how we can build trust in the collection, use, management, sharing and disposal of our personal health data.

 ‘My Data, Our Health’ is a global campaign by Transform Health and supported by Imara Leadership Initiative in Tanzania the campaign is being driven by several community-based organisations who are engaging individuals on questions of access, control and rights over their health data. We are shifting health data from a technical issue to a personal one by putting individuals in the driving seat and amplifying their stories.

About the ‘My Data Our Heath’ Youth Ambassadors Program

The ‘My Data, Our Health’ Youth Ambassador Tanzania program is a 6 month professional health development and leadership opportunity for young changemakers with a proven record of accomplishment in mobilizing other young people, influencing decision makers to have a positive impact in their community.

We are  looking for 5 ‘My Data Our Health’ Youth Ambassadors to help drive conversations towards health data governance manifesto in Tanzania together with parliamentarians and decision makers in government ahead of the 76th World Health Assembly Health Data Governance Toolkit.

‘My Data Our Health’ Youth Ambassador Program Timeline

May 2023 – October 2023 (6 months) * with possible extension

‘My Data Our Health’ Youth Ambassador Commitments

As Youth Ambassador from Tanzania you commit to the following activities for a  6 month period (for an average of 1 – 2 hours per month).

  • Be an active member of a youth led organization (if you are not already you should possess skills in leadership on health/ data governance matters as an online influencer or creative enthusiast).
  •  Participate in the ‘My Data, Our Health‘ Youth Ambassadors online meetings once every month and in-person meetings / conferences when available.
  • Help to raise awareness about the ‘My Data,Our Health‘ campaign and how youth can join and access its resources and events through outreach to your peer networks via social media.
  • Be an active ‘My Data, Our Health’ Youth Ambassador.

 Eligibility Criteria and Desired Qualifications 

You must meet the following criteria to serve as a ‘My Data ,Our Health’ Youth Ambassador in Tanzania  

  • Between the age of 15-34 years , Tanzanian nationals.
  • Interested in health data governance building and practicing your leadership skills, working collaboratively with youth from other backgrounds and experiences, and growing your professional network.
  • Proficient in written and spoken English and Swahili.
  • Strong in communication and interpersonal skills (in English and Swahili) and able to work collaboratively with others from different backgrounds and experiences.
  • Comfortable working online in Google (Google Meets), WhatsApp, Zoom or other online working and meeting platforms.
  • Able to access the internet on a regular basis to participate in online meetings (e.g., Zoom) and engage with other youth ambassadors and the Imara Leadership Initiative team using online tools (e.g., WhatsApp, Google, and Google Meets).

Working Conditions

Youth Ambassadors will work remotely (online) for a period of 6 month from May 2023 through October 2023 with possible extension.


Youth Ambassadors shall receive a small communications stipend contingent per month of their commitments.

Application Timeline

  • 2 May  2023 – Call for Applications
  • 11 May  2023 – Deadline for Applications
  • 15 May 2023 – Announcement of ‘My Data, Our Health’ Youth Ambassadors – Tanzania 

Access the Application form and submit your application.

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