Meet the My Health My Data Youth Ambassadors 2023

In advocating for a health data governance framework, Imara Leadership Initiative (ILI) Tanzania in partnership with Transform Health aims to engage young people, community members and politicians in the discussion on how we can build trust in the collection, use, management, sharing and disposal of our personal health data.

 ‘My Data, Our Health’ is a global campaign by Transform Health and supported by Imara Leadership Initiative in Tanzania the campaign is being driven by several community-based organisations who are engaging individuals on questions of access, control and rights over their health data. We are shifting health data from a technical issue to a personal one by putting individuals in the driving seat and amplifying their stories.

About the ‘My Data Our Heath’ Youth Ambassadors Program

The ‘My Data, Our Health’ Youth Ambassador Tanzania program is a 6 month professional health development and leadership opportunity for young changemakers with a proven record of accomplishment in mobilizing other young people, influencing decision makers to have a positive impact in their community. Selection Process We received a total of 100 outstanding applications from young people across the United Republic of Tanzania and after a jury of judges the five (5) exceptional youth ambassadors where appointed and will work to drive conversations towards health data governance manifesto in Tanzania together with parliamentarians and decision makers in government.

My Data, Our Health Youth Ambassadors 2023

Henry Mathayo
CEO MedPack Tanzania 

“As the CEO of MedPack Tanzania and a passionate health data advocate, I am dedicated to leveraging technology and data to transform healthcare in Tanzania. I am excited to be part of the My Data, Our Health program, where I can collaborate with like-minded individuals and drive positive change in the health sector. Together, we can empower communities, improve healthcare outcomes, and create a healthier future for all.”

Safia Basawadi
Project Coordinator – Tanzania Youth Biodiversity Network(TYEN) – SUA Chapter

“Engage Policy makers : Reach out to policy makers for policies that support health data governance , such as laws that protect patient privacy and promote data sharing – we need health data transparency and governance as power and tool to solve health problems.”

Simon F Machibya
Social Worker

Twitter @Simon_Machibya  
Instagram @simon_machibya

“Health governance in Tanzania, should have direct engagement with Health officers /health expertise and other key stakeholders of the health.”

Tausi Ibrahim
Founder & Director MIRAKEL Foundation

“Health data are necessary to improve the quality, safety and patient-centeredness of health care services, to support scientific innovation, the discovery and evaluation of new treatments and to redesign and evaluate new models of health service delivery.”

Vivian J Joseph
Head of Health Cluster, SAYOF -SADC

“Health data governance is important because it gives individuals an equal opportunity to exercise their right to access and control over their own health data, and as well as giving ownership that is to respect and protect their data enabling to strengthen health systems and avoid data misuse.” 

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