Launch of the E- Health Data Governance Manifesto in The United Republic of Tanzania

Imara Leadership Initiative in collaboration with Girl’s First Initiative under the support of Transform Health on 25th August 2023 launched the E- Health Data Governance Manifesto in The United Republic of Tanzania as part of advocating for stronger health data governance the manifesto aims to engage citizens and politicians in the discussion on how we can build trust in the collection, use, management, sharing and disposal of our personal health data as part of the  My Data, Our Health coalition campaign driven by community-based organizations who are engaging individuals on questions of access, control and rights over their health data. 

The E-Health Data Governance Manifesto calls on the government and all parties to strengthen health data governance in the United Republic of Tanzania so that people have more control over their electronic health data while ensuring that this data is kept both private and secure. Stronger health data governance also needs to provide the regulatory framework to allow researchers, innovators, policy-makers and regulators to access relevant electronic health data for the public good, for example to promote better diagnosis, treatment and well-being of people, and to develop more responsive plans and policies.

The manifesto is also built upon the experiences of health workers / practitioners and citizens who have been actively engaged in the My Data Our Health campaign to call on :

  • Endorsement of the Health Data Governance Principles The Health Data Governance Principles were launched in April 2022 and build on important initiatives, such as the WHO’s data principles (which provide a framework for data governance for WHO) and their guidance on the ethics and governance of artificial intelligence for health; the Principles for Digital Development and Digital Investment Principles stewarded by the Digital Impact Alliance; the OECD’s Recommendation on Health Data Governance and their Principles on Artificial Intelligence. 
  • Support calls for a global framework on health data governance at the World Health Assembly More robust and effective governance of health data is needed to ensure the government we are fully harnessing the potential of data for public benefit and improved health outcomes, while also managing risks, protecting individual rights, and ensuring people’s data is protected. National legislation needs to be based on common standards to enable governments and health service providers to exchange information across borders while ensuring the same protective measures for citizens everywhere.

The  newly launched E-Health Data Governance Manifesto focuses on six key demands:  

  • Formulation of a New Tanzania Digital Health Investment Road Map
  • Country-wide use and dissemination of the Government of Tanzania, Hospital Management Information System (GoTHoMIS) in Health Facilities
  • Popularization of the Afya Supportive Supervision System (AfyaSS) 
  • Parliamentarians Championing the need for stronger Health Data Governance
  • Strengthen the Quality Health Data Assurance and Privacy
  • Targeted funding for digital health in Tanzania 

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